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Are Investigational New Drug Trials in India A Positive Sign For Healthcare On June 1st, 2021, the Indian Government announced the waiver of requiring prior India bridging clinical trials to be conducted for the US and UK-based vaccines for the novel COVID-19. This move comes in the midst of immense pressure faced by the Government


Clinical trials are essential to discover new treatments for any disease as they aid in testing the safety and effectiveness of various drugs and devices. Since 2018, we at CliniExperts, in line with the ethical and regulatory compliance required to undertake such trials, have been paving the way for clinical research in India. We offer clinical research services for various product lines, including Drugs, Medical Devices, and IVD, Biologicals, and Consumer Claims

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Experience and Expertise in Regulatory Compliance: Trust CliniExperts Research Services for Your Clinical Trial Needs

With a strong regulatory track record and numerous accreditations/approvals from regulatory agencies, CliniExperts Research Services provides therapeutic, regulatory, and operational expertise to consistently solve your challenges.


CliniExperts aims to become the preferred CRO partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the world, employing quality excellence, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, scientific competence, and recognition. Our mission is to emerge as a leading organisation in contract research services by focusing on improving performance and higher accuracy of clinical trial data.By adopting a professional approach, effective time management strategies, innovative ideas, technological advancements and customer-centric entrepreneurship we are moving strength to strength.


With the outbreak of many new diseases and lack of treatment for the same, at CliniExperts,we believe in creating therapeutic products for them that should undergo a clinical evaluation to ensure high quality and ethical standards. Our value system supports and ensures transparency, integrity, productivity, respect and quality support, all with compassion and passion. We don't think it's enough to be good, it's time to be excellent in every aspect of the research process.

CliniExperts aims to become a global best-in-class contract research organisation offering comprehensive clinical development program services for drugs and devices while delivering key outcomes to pharmaceutical, generics and biotechnology companies within a defined timeframe and with excellence.



Testing new drugs is a cumbersome process. It is costly and involves following a lot of procedures and compliances. This is why you need the right partner to undertake a clinical drug trial. With CliniExperts, you can conduct successful clinical trials for various drug categories in India, such as New Drugs, Fixed-Dose Combinations, Investigational New Drugs, and Subsequent New Drugs.

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Medical Devices and IVD

Medical Devices and IVD

In India, a clinical investigation for medical devices is mainly required for Class B, Class C, and Class D devices. However, in certain cases, it might also be required for Class A devices. We, at CliniExperts, are focused on conducting high-quality trials, and provide a range of services. We support the sponsor to launch their own Medical Devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) in a hassle-free manner.

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Biologicals cell


Biologicals are considered to be new drugs in India, and cannot be launched without conducting a successful clinical trial. Blood Products, DNA Products, Stem cells & cell-based products, and Vaccines fall under the category of Biologicals. CliniExperts Research Services can assist you in fast-forwarding your clinical trial for biologicals in India, by offering support for various approvals and grant permissions.

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Consumer Claims refund

Consumer Claims

Certifications always help to build trust and brand value among customers. But, it is a complicated process and can take a lot of time. We, at CliniExperts, provide various clinical trial services for food, food supplement, beverages, cosmetics, and cosmeceutical products to simplify the process. Our expertise includes GI Analysis, SPF, UVA/UVB Analysis, Nutritional or Health Benefits Analysis, Immunity Claims and Anti-Ageing Claims, etc

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Scientific Excellence

With ever-changing regulatory scenarios and our expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas, we can make a tangible difference in your clinical development research. In an increasingly competitive marketplace and ever-changing regulatory scenarios, our expertise can make a tangible difference in your clinical development program.

  • Biosimilar and Biologics: Biosimilar and Biologics are different from small molecules. They require intricate micro-level planning at every level. We, at CliniExperts, consider every small yet significant issue carefully such as window period breaks up of the dosing schedule, cold chain breaks, drug administration and storage at home in case if trial involved drug administration daily etc. We can give you an edge to proactively plan, predict, and manage various kinds of operational issues at the beginning itself. It can reduce costs and help you manage operations smoothly.

Operational Excellence

As treatment demands shift and new diseases emerge, the research process has come under immense pressure. At CliniExperts, our goal is to ensure long-term sustainability by achieving operational excellence through continuous improvements, fostering a holistic environment, and cultivating a collaborative workforce led by committed leadership to accomplish our objectives.
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Driving Innovation and Sustainability in Clinical Research: CRO's Commitment to Operational Excellence and Collaborative Leadership

Looking for a sustainable and reliable partner in clinical research? CliniExperts is committed to achieving operational excellence through continuous improvements, a holistic environment, and a collaborative workforce. Trust us to rise to the challenge and help you stay ahead of the curve in the face of evolving treatment demands and emerging diseases.

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