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CliniExperts Research Services provide wide array of clinical trial services for food, food supplement, beverages, cosmetics and cosmeceutical products building up scientifically substantiated label and advertisement claims enhancing the brand value and enforcing trust the consumers. Our array of services cover:

Efficacy Evaluation of products

The potency of any product is determined by its composition and ingredients added which are confirmed by clinical trial or clinical studies.


CliniExperts provide customized services to support your product and claim specific needs with cost-effective approach for products specialized to serve a particular clinical benefit to any organ and which require clinical trials and clinical studies for efficacy evaluation and confirmation on products.


CliniExperts provide comprehensive solution for various skin, hair and scalp, nail and cuticle, oral hygiene products for confirming specific benefit to serve pack/label claims.

Safety Evaluation

At CliniExperts the safety studies are performed under the guidance and supervision of qualified nutritionist/ medical practitioner/ dietician/ dermatologist using standardized and approved protocols for the evaluation of of the novel ingredients, food, food supplement, cosmetics and cosmeceutical products.
CE provide services for analysis of organoleptic properties, comparative sensory analysis of the product, Performance Evaluations for haircare products and determining the sensory attributes which eventually contributes to the consumer purchase decisions and brand loyalty

Sensory Evaluation and Performance Evaluation

Product-led claims, analysis and research

CliniExperts aim to provide customized and comprehensive solutions to product led researches and claims, with best possible conceptualization as per product ideation. Our expertise includes but are not limited to the following:


Sun blocks and sunscreen lotions, gels and creams Star rating system, Boot Star Rating (UVA/UVB ratio), Persistent pigment darkening (PPD), SPF equivalence, Protection Grade of UVA (PA) system, etc.


Glycemic Index (GI) analysis is a measure of how quickly a food or food supplement causes our blood sugar levels to rise. We conduct GI study of products in various matrices.


Bioavailability of nutrients, nutritional ingredients and process of manufacture is the foundation of any such claims. We conduct clinical trial and clinical study to ensure the right nutritional and health claims on the product label


The consumers look for productrelated disease risk reduction claims or increased resistance claims on pack as preventive therapy. Such claims need to be backed by clinical trials and studies. We provide end to end services for such trial and registration of claims.


Functional claims are mandatorily required to be supported by clinical trials and product related studies for which we assist the sponsors providing end-to end support.


The competitive marketing strategies enables the manufacturer for enhanced benefits of existing products by modifying the process or adding or changing an ingredient needing confirmation trial. CliniExperts support the Sponsors to get the right study done using appropriate measurable outputs for significant results.


The product claims for maintenance of health, skin, hair or body require clinical trial support We do provide end to end support for such purposes.


These two are frequently used claims on food and cosmetic product packs respectively. Such claims require backup substantiation with respect to product and its ingredients combination. We support in ensuring right claims on these products with our customized clinical trial solutions.

Efficacy of Tools

At CliniExperts Research Services, we use the right instrumentation and tools, required for conducting the clinical study which is critical for the final outcome. We are well equipped with the required devices and instruments at numerous of our investigational sites.

Our investigational sites are strengthened with analytical mapping infrastructures and tools for tissues analysis enrolled through various in-vitro and human cell cultures. The needle biopsies can be morphologically, functionally and metabolically characterized in our platforms. The parameters like lipolytic capacity, adipocytes size and distribution, secretion profile of enzymes and body fluids, insulin activity, gene expressions and profiling, etc. can be conducted.

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Clinical Trial Management Services

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At CliniExperts Research Services, we focus on conducting high-quality trials in line with ethical and regulatory compliance. We aim to be your go-to Clinical Research Organization (CRO) by offering:

Whether you are a large corporate or an up-coming startup, our clinical trial solutions are designed to address your specific needs and deliver a smooth development pathway.