Hair Studies

We specialize in conducting efficacy studies to evaluate a wide range of hair-related parameters. Our comprehensive evaluation methods employ advanced techniques and analyses to provide accurate and reliable results. Clients benefit from our commitment to accuracy and scientific rigor, making informed decisions about hair care products or understanding the impact of external factors. With a focus on excellence, our efficacy studies contribute valuable insights to the enhancement of overall hair health.


The key aspects of our hair studies


Our studies focus on evaluating the effectiveness of anti-dandruff products in reducing and controlling dandruff. Through clinical evaluation, microscopic examination, and participant surveys, we assess the product's ability to alleviate dandruff-related concerns.

Anti-Hair Fall

We evaluate the efficacy of products in reducing hair fall using specialized techniques such as hair pull tests, hair count measurements, and participant feedback. These assessments provide insights into the product's effectiveness in preventing hair loss.

Hair Softness

We evaluate the softness of the hair after product application using tactile assessments and sensory evaluations. Our experts assess the texture, smoothness, and manageability of the hair, providing insights into the product's ability to enhance hair softness.

Hair Shine

We assess the shine and luster of the hair using visual evaluations and instrumental techniques such as glossmeter. By measuring light reflection and visual appearance, we evaluate the product's ability to enhance hair shine.

Anti-Lice Studies - Efficacy

Our studies evaluate the efficacy of products in treating and preventing lice infestations. Through clinical evaluations, microscopic examinations, and participant feedback, we assess the product's effectiveness in eliminating lice and preventing reinfestation.

Expert Evaluation and Reporting

Our team of dermatologists and hair specialists assess the study outcomes, providing valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise. We deliver comprehensive reports summarizing the findings, supporting evidence-based claims for your hair products.

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